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About Us

After a day of hard work, it is home which offers solace and peace to the person living under that roof. A well designed home, maintained with beautiful as well as comfortable furnishing always attracts the eyes. But getting such furnishing be it for home or hotel requires a great deal of efforts, one has to invest lots of time to get pleasant results. There are several things that one has to consider from individual preferences to rooms space, composition & size of family, wall color, etc. A company which understands that how tough is to get the desired furnishing product range and works to make it simple by serving the same is Gopal Blankets Pvt. Ltd. The Manufacturer and Supplier, holds monopoly in the Home Furnishing Products market and delivers a vast range of it. Blankets, Bed Sheet, Sofa Panel, Chenille Carpet and Curtains are few of the product categories of which we serve to respectable customers. In a number of hue, from light to dark, patterns, prints (including geometrical, floral, etc.), we offer our home furnishing collection to customers so that they can choose what best suit their tastes as well as looks of their premise.

When Experience Speaks, Company Rules

Yes, our experience speaks for us, the impeccable tracks records we have maintained in our journey of past 48 years themselves dictate about our success and achievements. We have ruled our business line of home furnishing products market, we never allowed any company to gain edge over us. Major of our first customers became our fix clients, we have dedicated ourselves towards retaining them with our quality offerings as well as practices. The journey we have had in the business was like a roller coaster ride, we experimented, we succeed, we suffered losses and overall emerged as a leader. Today, no company can match quality & designs of our creations and beat the records we have set in the domain.

Home Furnishings Market- An Overview

Now a days people have become more conscious, with the modern lifestyle, they prefer having the most classy and sophisticated looks of their homes. And for this, they look for modern, elegant and impressive Home Furnishing Items which brings a large number of orders to the companies dealing with them. If market surveys are to be believed, the industry has registered excellent growth in the past year and continue with the same, and by the year 2020 it will garner $664.0 billion. During the period of 2015-2020, this industry which enhances beauty of several homes and hotels is expected to register CAGR of 4.2%. Some factors that will impact Indian Home Furnishing Market are:
  • Growing interest of people towards home decor products.
  • Improving lifestyle of people not just in cities but rural areas as well.
  • Rising disposable income.
  • Growth in the real estate industry.
  • Rising rate of urbanization.
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